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HAIRBALL Bloggin Jan 22, 2012
Enzymes and Probiotics for HAIRBALLS!
by admin

As a Hot Blonde HAIRBALL (Natural blonde I may add...) and as the President of HAIRBALLS Helping Humans I have to stay on top of my health. My human is very good about preventive health care and let's face it, staying healthy is the best way to prevent ending up at the vets :o 

My human has been dealing with some serious health issues herself with a main one being her body is not absorbing nutrients. That's right my human is a "non absorber”   :o

You know us pets can be non absorbers too! What if you’re eating the best nutrition out there, but it’s just going right thru you with no absorption at all?

Waste of nutrition, money and even worse - the hairy body doesn't get the nutrients it needs. So what's a HAIRBALL to do?

I wag my tail to Great Life Performance Pet Products eNZYmes Pro!

Enzymes and Probiotics can help prevent health problems like evil digestive diseases, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diarrhea, vomiting, stool eating, stiff bowel disorder, gas, bloat, bad breath; chronic skin problems and allergies; life threatening vaccine reactions, parasites and worms, lack of endurance, hypertension and joint problems, especially in elderly dogs, are conditions being seen in dogs today.

Rated #1 by Animal Wellness Magazine, it contains a complete working spectrum of: Multi-Digestive Plant Enzymes,7 billion Micro-encapsulated Probiotics, Active Antioxidants, Active Natural Vitamins, Active Chelated Minerals, Active Herbs, Active Super Green Foods along with other good for ya ingredients that do a HAIRBALL good. For such little money, a sprinkle of eNZYmes Pro+ makes a high impact and pushes a big punch of nutrients that can help us doggys.

Check it out here: Great Life Performance Pet Products

If you have a question, ring the humans at Great Life / Doctors Finest Pet Products! They’re awesome, knowledgeable and really care. Look, my human is basically a pretty lazy human and I know she wouldn't put it on my food daily if it didn't really have benefit, so to Great Life eNZYmes Pro+ I way my tail!



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