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Icon 1000 Women's Catwalk Leopard Gloves. Function, fashion and Fine!
Updated On: Apr 05, 2014

Icon 1000 Women's Catwalk Leopard Gloves.

Function, fashion and Fine!

I love when I find ride gear I love, which isn’t often yet its how I feel about the Icon 1000 Women’s Catwalk Leopard Gloves.

I remember the day, when the only items available for women riders were men’s motorcycle gear. Masculine, oversized and ill fitting was the standard option back then. If the smaller gals were lucky, they might find a jacket or what they needed in boy sizing. Hence I really appreciate women specific motorcycle apparel.Function and safety is always first in my book. Ride gear needs to serve a purpose and do it well. Everything after that is icing on the cake.

The Icon 1000 Women’s Catwalk leopard gloves sport cutting edge technology with a stylish leopard pattern that is done right. They’re crafted with fur printed calfskin done in the same process you’ll find in high fashion gloves. The feel of them is nice. I’ve seen many attempts at gloves with the “fur feel” and until now have been sadly disappointed. Perhaps those fails contribute to my appreciation of these. The other major fail I’ve seen is a cheesy print or orange coloring that no adult I know would ever wear. These are quite the opposite of that. The print is stylish and well done. 

They are meticulously designed with protection provided in the right places, yet do not hinder or encumber the fit and feel. The knuckle area features an integrated mold as favored in several Icon styles. An expanded panel on the wrist allows for a give and take fit. On the palm of the glove is a perforated leather panel, strategically placed to allow the right amount of airflow.

Two snaps and a zipper allow for the gauntlet to be adjusted. Adding to the fashion flair is a fun pink satin material that is revealed when unzipped and just plain cute.  

I am pleased at how comfortable they are. I recommend sizing up in this style, they run smaller which is something I tend to find with most of Icon’s ride apparel.

For the past 8 months these have been my go to gloves and I have to say they are holding up quite well. I’ve been rolling on all kinds of bikes (Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Triumph) and I haven’t babied them, but I haven’t thrashed them around oil or other substances that could ruin the look or effect the longevity. Recommended care is a light detergent and cold water hand wash and hang dry. Icon offers a quality leather cleaner and conditioner on the palm, but any good quality care conditioner will do.

Good quality, functional and fashion forward the Icon 1000 Catwalk leopard gloves will cost you $95.00.

Go to: for more information or to find a dealer near you  

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