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Susie Fairchild
Updated On: Mar 11, 2013

WOMEN SPOTLIGHT - MS. SUSIE shares her story!

  "I was scared to death of motorcycles at first! My ex used to think it was funny to see if he could toss  me off the back of his. So my first experience was bad. I would not go out with my current boyfriend at first because I thought he was a badboy that rode a bike. We started dating and I reluctantly got on the back and was like this is ok, but I think "I want to be the one driving!" Riding with him was not so scary. He encouraged me to go take the course and see if I liked it or not. So I took the course in May of 2010 with another girlfriend and purchased a Yamaha 650 V-Star in August of 2010 and had a small accident 2nd day out. I hit my neighbor's car. Then was kind of scared and went real slow. Road alot by myself pushing myself more and more to ride farther and faster. He lives 40 miles from me. So that was my big test to make it to his house. I made it there that next spring. I live in Missouri and weather is up and down. By that next summer I loved it! Then last summer in August 2012 decided to move up in size to get his FatBoy. We lowered it 3 inches on Thursday and we took off on Saturday on long trip to Harley museum in Wisconsin. Loved the bike and the museum! I am 5'1" and was worried about handling bigger bike. When we came back decided to get smaller seat. He and a friend Bob lowered it for $25 before the trip. Bob is my other inspiration he is recovering from colon cancer and he also had it in the lungs. He has been a fighter. So far that is the only modifications we have made. I also raised a daughter with Cerebral Palsy that died 9 years ago at the age of 13. She was my inspiration to go into teaching Special Education. My 2 boys Zach 21 and Seth 18 said Mom you should try new things! They do not ride yet anyway! I now love riding and want to do it all the time. I drive Rick crazy. Kids at the high school joke because I ride to work with jeans under my dresses. I tell them if I can do this, you guys can meet challenges I put in front of you! I don' have many pictures yet of me on new bike. Teal bike is my new FatBoy and red is my Yamaha V-Star. I put 11,00 miles on V-Star and several thousand already on FatBoy."

I love how Susie shared how she overcame fear and it now enjoying the wonderful world of motorcycles. I don't get how anyone could think its funny to scared someone and sadly I have heard from others how their introduction to motorcycles was not the best. Good to read he's the ex and even better than Susie is carving her own path in life and she's doing it on two wheels.

Ride ON!

Brenda Fox

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