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Board of Advisors
Posted On: Jan 19, 2012
Board of Advisors
Chief Advisor

Skip Van Leeuwen Motorcycle Legend & AMA Hall of Famer, Skip Van Leeuwen was one of the best Tourist Trophy Steeplechase riders in the history of AMA racing. Van Leeuwen dominated AMA TT competition in the mid-1960s, winning four nationals on the small dirt-track circuits that feature a jump and left- and right-hand turns. Van Leeuwen won AMA national TT races in Houston (in the Astrodome), Castle Rock, Washington, and at his home track of Ascot Park in Gardena, California. He also won numerous West Coast regional championships during his racing career. After retiring from racing in the early 1970s, Van Leeuwen went on to launch a successful motorcycle accessories business.
-- For more information, visit: Van Leeuwen Enterprises


NY Myke NY Myke, a decorated Vietnam Veteran has been Owner & President of San Diego Harley-Davidson since 1993. as well as several successful businesses prior to that. This dynamic personality is a political activist who has run for Mayor of San Diego, and is always giving back to his community particularly toward Veteran Causes. His help, guidance, and support has been an invaluable asset to the development of The Women Motorcyclist Organization.
-- For more information, visit: San Diego Harley Davidson

Culture & Fashion

Alecia Moore Philadelphia born, Alecia Moore, known professionally as"Pink", is a two-time Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter. Alecia released her first record, the R&B-oriented Can't Take Me Home, in 2000. The next year came her pop rock-based second studio album, M!ssundaztood, which has been her biggest seller to date. This was followed by her third album in 2003, Try This. Then came her fourth studio album, I'm Not Dead in 2006. Alecia is relatively new to Motorcycle riding, but has embraced the lifestyle on her Classic Triumph, as with everything she does, with complete passion. She contributes as our "Play Big/I'm Not Dead" advisor.
-- For more information, visit her: Official Website


Malcolm Smith Few names in motorcycling carry the weight or breadth of achievements as that of off-road legend, Malcolm Smith. Over the span of his career Smith earned 8 Gold Medals at the prestigious International Six Day Trials and won the grueling Baja 1000 6 times. Proof of his stature in motorcycling he has been inducted into both the Motorsports Hall of Fame and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. His starring role in Bruce Brown’s 1970 film “On Any Sunday” made him the world’s first international off-road star, the sport’s first true ambassador. His charm and approachability contradicted his speed and gritty determination, decimating the famous adage that “nice guys finish last.” Malcolm Smith remains active with motorcycling and is deeply involved with a number of charities serving Mexico, giving back to the country where his legend was made. Yet beyond any and all motorcycling achievements the love of his family and friends clearly makes the biggest impact. I have seen first hand someone who is a champion in life. I am truly honored to have crossed paths with Malcolm and his beautiful wife Joyce who show by example life is to be enjoyed at full throttle. 

Head of Security

The Beast Qtip is the real name of this hairball, but her stage name is....the BEAST! She is a 4lb Maltese, 5 years old, but of course a hot blonde and so she looks much younger. We look at her as - stuffed animal gender. In addition to her security duties she is currently working as a chick magnetwhich she does well. Along with making humans happy, she has appeared on TV, numerous print ads and her special abilities include, but are not limited to - Stunt double: gophers, meerkats, tribbles, stuffed animals and Gizmo. Her hairy butt has posed on the finest motorcycles ever to enter the Robb Report studio and she has performed for the likes of Willie G. Davidson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Look for her reel coming soon!
-- For more information, visit her Facebook page: "the HAIRBALL - QTIP "

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