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Respect! Samantha Morgan ~ Balls to the Wall!
Updated On: Jan 06, 2012

Women Motorcyclist tilts our helmets in RESPECT!

To:  My friend ~ SAMANTHA MORGAN!   

The last time I saw Sammy was in Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats sitting on a classic ‘46 Indian Chief motorcycle belonging to Jay Allen. She unleashed a well needed women rider “verbal can of whoop ass” on me, as I was not riding a bike and running the salt, but had come out to support a boy who was making his first run out at the salt.

In the blistering heat with intensified sunlight reflecting off the salt, toasting any exposed flesh that may have been over looked by sun block, Sammy’s smile and excitement of running was infectious. What an honor it was to see her in September 2006 set two land speed records riding vintage Indians.

In addition to her pushing the limits at the Salt, my friend was best known as a Trick Rider, Motordrome legend.  Samantha first discovered the Motordrome at the age of 15, which set into motion a lifelong passion riding the “Wall of Death”. Riding the wooden barrel wall at speeds between 42 and 60mph until she would hit the 10meter high crest.

A tall, slender beautiful woman who encouraged other women to life to the fullest. A Trick Rider who 

showed you the possibilities of going beyond limitations.

Sammy was too young to leave this world, her friends and fans have struggle at her passing. She may

 not be with us, but her love of her Indian 101 Scout, her dogs and the deep, deep impact she has had on so many will love on forever.

To this day, I carry a photo of Sam with her dogs when I ride. I am lucky to have crossed paths with such a woman of inspiration and to you I forever tilt my helmet –Balls to the Wall baby! Respect!

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