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Welcome! Whether you ride your own, ride as a passenger or simply enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle; this website is dedicated to sharing the passion of motorcycles and the freedom of the open road.

The founder of Women Motorcyclist is Brenda Fox, a Motorcycle Industry Veteran and Spokesperson for Women in Motorcycling.
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This is a multi-bike and gender friendly site.
We welcome all!

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Icon 1000 Women's Catwalk Leopard Gloves. Function, fashion and Fine!

Icon 1000 Women's Catwalk Leopard Gloves.

Function, fashion and Fine!

I love when I find ride gear I love, which isn’t often yet its how I feel about the Icon 1000 Women’s Catwalk Leopard Gloves.

I remember the day, when the only items available for women riders were men’s motorcycle gear. Masculine, oversized and ill fitting was the standard option back then. If the smaller gals were lucky, they might find a jacket or what they needed in boy sizing. Hence I really appreciate women specific motorcycle apparel.Function and safety is always first in my book. Ride gear needs to serve a purpose and do it well. Everything after that is icing on the cake.

The Icon 1000 Women’s Catwalk leopard gloves sport cutting edge technology with a stylish leopard pattern that is done right. They’re crafted with fur printed calfskin done in the same process you’ll find in high fashion gloves. The feel of them is nice. I’ve seen many attempts at gloves with the “fur feel” and until now have been sadly disappointed. Perhaps those fails contribute to my appreciation of these. The other major fail I’ve seen is a cheesy print or orange coloring that no adult I know would ever wear. These are quite the opposite of that. The print is stylish and well done. 

They are meticulously designed with protection provided in the right places, yet do not hinder or encumber the fit and feel. The knuckle area features an integrated mold as favored in several Icon styles. An expanded panel on the wrist allows for a give and take fit. On the palm of the glove is a perforated leather panel, strategically placed to allow the right amount of airflow.

Two snaps and a zipper allow for the gauntlet to be adjusted. Adding to the fashion flair is a fun pink satin material that is revealed when unzipped and just plain cute.  

I am pleased at how comfortable they are. I recommend sizing up in this style, they run smaller which is something I tend to find with most of Icon’s ride apparel.

For the past 8 months these have been my go to gloves and I have to say they are holding up quite well. I’ve been rolling on all kinds of bikes (Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Triumph) and I haven’t babied them, but I haven’t thrashed them around oil or other substances that could ruin the look or effect the longevity. Recommended care is a light detergent and cold water hand wash and hang dry. Icon offers a quality leather cleaner and conditioner on the palm, but any good quality care conditioner will do.

Good quality, functional and fashion forward the Icon 1000 Catwalk leopard gloves will cost you $95.00.

Go to: for more information or to find a dealer near you  


Harley Davidson Footwear Women’s Jana Boot.

 Upon first glance the Harley Davidson Jana boot is one to fall in love with. A bit more fashion appearing than the  rugged traditional riding boots I would normally favor, however the sturdy structure and solid feel soon unveils a  well-constructed boot that celebrates the iconic Harley Davidson style. 

 The Jana is a Dealer Exclusive boot style, which means you, can find them  at  your local HD Dealer. The scrunched style is well done and rocks the  look as a  present day trend stepper and is constructed with the traditional  Harley full-  grain leather, Goodyear(R) welt construction and a rubber  outsole. It’s crafted  with a 13" shaft, YKK(R) locking inside zipper and 3"  heel which is not a heel  height I would typically feel comfortable in,  however this particular style it was  just fine. I found they fit true to size and if  I was right in between sizes I would  size down, not up. I walked, plodded  and rode for hours in them and found  them to be comfortable all day long. I  do tend to lean towards the lower heel  riding specific heavy duty HD boot,  so I was surprised I liked them as much as I  did. Would I wear them cross  country riding? Probably not. For riding and  hanging about town they’re a  star and I know passenger rider will really favor  this style. They’re available  in sizes 5-11.  For more information go to: 

 (Brenda & Andy rode in the dirt and dust all day, they maybe covered in dust in the photo but they held up fantastic and dusted off looking good as new)

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum 2013

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Exhibit 2013

 Brenda Fox is a spokesperson for women in motorcycling, a Professional  Motorcycle Test Rider, journalist, stunt actor and high-profile motorcycle industry veteran. Her early career found Brenda as a fashion model, but as an accomplished horsewoman, she learned how to stunt ride. Later, she transferred those stunt skills to riding motorcycles. She was a sponsored rider in several off road races like the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000.

Brenda is one of the few females in the industry whose opinion, knowledge and expertise allow her to test ride and review some of the most elite motorcycles in the world. Combining athletic ability, a talent to master intimidating machines and a well-rounded background in diverse in “moto miles”ranging from Score Off Road Racing, training with legend Fast Freddie Spencer to serving as the Custom Motorcycle Consultant for Robb Report Magazine, Brenda has spent years applying herself to the two wheeled world.

With well-earned "street cred,” Ms. Fox has been featured on billboards, book covers, TV shows. Films as well as ads and national commercials such as Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet. Often featured in motorcycle publications, she has represented women who ride in mainstream publications as well as lifestyle publications that support women carving their own path.

She held the position of Custom Motorcycle consultant for Robb Report Magazine for the life of the publication and also traveled to Europe where she served as a judge for the World Championship Custom Bike Building competition in Paris.

Having been bed ridden for a solid year with depilating health issues and 5 years of chronic pain and the inner struggle of getting back to life, Brenda has been an inspiration to many motorcyclists who have had diseases and health issues hold them back in life. Brenda created WomenMotorcyclist to support, embrace and inspire all women riders and everyone that supports women and motorcycling. Besides the website and the media ventures, Brenda has a Women Motorcyclists Facebook page that boasts over 283,000 followers.

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum 2013

Harley-Davidson Women’s Enthusiast 3/4 helmet with Flip-up Face Shield.

Harley-Davidson Women’s Enthusiast 3/4 helmet with Flip-up Face Shield.  

Harley Davidson delivers the women’s enthusiast helmet as a well-crafted ¾ helmet that functions as good as it looks. It features a polycarbonate shell with two back exit vents, which are well placed to allow just enough airflow. The flip-up ¾ face shield provides just the right space to comfortably wear sunglasses as well as offer protection from the perils of the road. I tested it at speed and was pleased that it didn’t have wind flutter or wind noise. The oversized, tinted visor is a removable option. The chinstrap fastens with the usual double D-ring, which stayed put and tested well. The neck curtain is removable, as well as the inner liner, which is   also washable. The top-level graphics are well done and rendered to last the life of the helmet. Meeting DOT requirements, this helmet provides a solid feel and comfortable fit. It’s a well done functional helmet  that functional and  embraces the legendary Harley Davidson styling. For more information visit:

The Triumph Bonneville SE delivers… two wheel fun!

The Triumph Bonneville SE delivers… two wheel fun!

 I doubt you will ever read anything less than excellent about this motorcycle.

 Throwing a leg over the Triumph Bonneville SE feels like your traveling back in time to the glory  days of British Twins that paved their way into the history books. The 20th Century incarnation channels  the soul of the past with current technology and modern engineering that’s been refined over years of  development to a classic design that will never goes out of style.

 I specifically chose this bike to review because of its upright riding position and obvious high emotional   content in its styling. I needed a machine to lift my spirits, bring back my “moto mojo” and to remind me that the best stress fighter is a damn good, fun motorcycle. This bike did just that and more…

Named after the Bonneville Salt Flats, the site where Triumph broke numerous land speed records in the 1950’s the 2012 version is dialed in with a fuel injected 865cc parallel-twin engine and electronic fuel injection actually hidden inside what appears to be a pair of old style carburetors that appeared on the model years gone by. The engine, being a traditional vertical twin with a 360 crank, has the strong, flat torque curve of the “old” bike, but without the vibration thanks to two balance shafts. While looking very much like the old twin, inside are hidden two overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. There is even a “dummy” push-rod tube in front of the two barrels which serves as a drain for the valve gear on top. Such a perfect example of modern engineering bowing to “old school” feel.

The seat, handle bars and foot pegs are essentially positioned in the same places as the original model, but have been moved in small increments over the years to improve rider comfort.

The wheels, tires and suspension also maintain that classic Triumph look, but have been updated to provide nimble, confidence-inspiring handling that makes the bike a joy to ride regardless of your experience level. I like the lightweight 17 inch alloys, matching tacho and speedo, polished engine covers and traditional chrome tank badge. It’s offered with the traditional two-tone paintwork with a hand painted pin striping, megaphone silencers and short mudguards.

I had the opportunity to connect with Greg Heichelbech, CEO,Triumph North America and get his observation on women riders. I was told the feedback from ladies was extremely positive and he affirmed, “They really enjoy the Bonneville for its classic design, comfortable riding position, ease of use, and confidence-inspiring ride. It’s a bike that’s great fun to ride whatever your skill or experience level happens to be. We’re hearing the same thing from women riders about the Triumph America, which is a more traditionally styled American cruiser that’s similar in size to the Bonneville.”

He expressed overwhelming support for women joining the sport and is thrilled that they’re connecting with what Triumph has to offer.

I then inquired as to what direction Triumph is headed in and tried to get a glimpse into where they’re headed in the future and he explained, “Triumph will continue to develop and make motorcycles that women find aesthetically appealing and fun to ride. In addition to our Bonneville and America models, women who prefer sport bikes like our Street Triple streetfighter and Daytona 675 supersport models. The ergonomics of these bikes, especially the Street Triple, fit women quite well, and the three-cylinder engines provide power smoothly for an enjoyable riding experience.”

The new Bonneville SE delivers all of the “emotion” of the old ride, but without the bite of compromised engineering of the past or oil on your socks. It offers an agile package, superb handling and a timeless style of unique two wheel fun appealing to both new and experienced riders. For more information:

Triumph Bonneville SE - US Specifications/Technical Details
Engine and Transmission

Type Air-cooled, DOHC, parallel-twin, 360º firing interval

Capacity 865cc
Bore/Stroke 90 x 68mm
Fuel System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI
Exhaust Stainless steel headers, twin chromed upswept silencers
Final Drive X ring chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Gearbox 5-speed
Oil Capacity 4.5 litres (1.2 US gals)
Chassis, Running Gear and Displays
Frame Tubular steel cradle
Swingarm Twin-sided, tubular steel
Wheel Front Cast aluminum alloy 7- spoke 17 x 3.0 inch     
Rear Cast aluminum alloy 7-spoke 17 x 3.5 inch

(Whoo hoo! Rollin Fun!)  

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Wow! Time is movin fast ~ I wanna be riding!
Respect! Samantha Morgan

Women Motorcyclist tilts our helmets in RESPECT! To:  My friend ~ SAMANTHA MORGAN! The last time I saw Sammy was in Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats sitting on a classic ‘46 Indian Chief motorcycle belonging to Jay Allen.
Stryker Vest! Icon's got your Back!

Icon's got your back! With the new 2012 Icon Women's Stryker Vest! Protection rocks and safety precautions, self protection and common sense make for years of enjoying the open road. Icon is long known for functional protective armor and the new 2013 Women's Stryer Vest is another example of their cutting edge style upgrading the choices that we have available.
Road Angel Legend

Legend has it... That Evil Road Spirits have been wreaking havoc with bikers since the beginning.  They have caused mechanical failures and brought bad luck to riders along their journeys. Attaching a small bell to your bike, close to the ground, is said to ward off these evil spirits by trapping them inside where the constant ringing drives them insane and they fall off.
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